The Shoveler

By Ramon Planas

€150 €250

A freehand pipe, completely handcrafted, with a classical apple shape. Briar skin in the upper part of the bowl and in the shank. Very nice straight grain. An old briar from the forest hills that surrounds the Mediterranean sea near Barcelona. Acrylic mouthpiece and teflon tenon without filter. Signed with our mark brand: a little circle piece of “antalis” (a genus of tusk shells) and Mediterranean red coral inside.

This pipe reminds me to the female of a duck: The Shoveler (anas clypeata) is named for its extraordinary oversized bill, which has  a broad spatula-shaped tip. Both sexes have this feature and the female is mottled brown, similar the color of this pipe.



Length:  155mm
Height:  58mm
Bowl depth:   40mm
Bowl diameter: 20mm
Weight:     65gr
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