The Mallard

By Ramon Planas


 Freehand with classical apple shape, hand carved, without any lathe.

Spanish briarwood from the forest hills near the Mediterranean sea, in Barcelona.

Ergonomic form to fit well in your hand.

Beautiful straight grain slightly green colored, with natural colorants.

A small cork ring between the shank and the handmade black acrylic stem.

I sign all pipes with my trade mark brand: a little circle piece of “antalis” ( a genus of tusk shell) and Mediterranean red coral inside.



This pipe reminds me to: 

The Mallard (anas plathyrhyncos) is the most common and widely distributed dabbling duck. An opportunistic omnivore is a generalist feeder. It is strongly sexually dimorphic. Breeding males bear a distinctive green head.

This migratory species is a high valued game bird and the source of all domestic ducks with the exception of the Muscovy (Cairima moschata).


Mallard pipe by Coral Pipes

Length:  160mm
Height:  55mm
Bowl depth:  35mm
Bowl diameter: 20mm
Weight:  70gr
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