The Little owl

By Ramon Planas



When I´m cutting my briarwood I´m thinking in the pipe I should like to carve. In this case you can see briar skin in front and in the top of the bowl, and straight grain in the other sides.

An ergonomic form that fits well in your hands.

Of course, this pipe has been handcrafted without the need of any lathe. Like all my pipes, the wood was dug from the hills surrounding the Mediterranean sea near Barcelona, and dried and seasoned during at least fifteen years.

Black acrylic mouthpiece with teflon cone tenon, without any filter.

You can see few tiny pits in the straight grain, with no influence in the smoke.

I sign all pipes with my trade mark brand, a little circle piece of “antalis” (a genus of tusk shell) and Mediterranean red coral inside.


Length: 144 mm
Height: 68 mm
Bowl depth: 40 mm 
Bowl diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 139 gr


This pipe reminds me to:

THE LITLLE OWL that is member of the typical or true owl family, Strigidae. It is a small, cryptically coloured, with flat-topped head, compact body and short tail, mainly nocturnal species and is found in a range of habitats including farmland, woodland fringes, steppes and semi-deserts.

The Little Owl pipe at

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