Ibis series #1

Ramon Planas

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Ibis series #1 - Coral Pipes
Ibis series #1 - Coral Pipes
Ibis series #1 - Coral Pipes
Ibis series #1 - Coral Pipes

IBIS Tamper series 

When I carve pipes or tampers I am inspired in something that there is in the nature, birds, mammals, snails…In this case, this series of tampers is about the neck, the bill and the head of the cattle egret (Bubulcus Ibis) with Mediterra-

nean black and red coral inlays.

All tampers are signed with my trade mark a little circle piece of “Antalis” (a genus of tusk shell) and red coral inside. 


The Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Ibis)

It is a white bird adorned with buff plumes in the breeding season. It nest in colonies, usually near bodies of water and often with other wading birds. It often accompanies cattle or other large mammals, catching insect and small vertebrate prey disturbed by these animals.

This benefits both species, but it has been implicated in the spread of tick-borne animals diseases.


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