Cracker Cow

By Ramon Planas


Length: 190 mm
Height: 50 mm
Bowl depth: 30 mm
Bowl diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 76 gr


The Spanish fashion designer Adolfo Dominguez said:  “The wrinkle is beautiful”, with reference to clothing.

In my case, I think that little briar wood skin in a pipe gives it more genuineness. In any case shows that this pipe was made from the best portion of the root.

This freehand pipe with horn shape was made without any late.

A beautiful straight grain in both sides and skin in the below side and on top near my trademark, a little circle piece of “antalis” (a genus of tusk shell) and Mediterranean red coral inside.

This briar wood has been dried and seasoned for seventeen years and was digged in the forest hills surrounding the Mediterranean sea in Barcelona.

Acrylic stem with interplay of the coloring like the pipe and a teflon tenon, without filter.

-section 2- 

This pipe reminds me to...

The horn of the Florida Cracker cow.

Florida Crackers are one of the oldest and rarest breeds of cattle in United States. Descended from Spanish stock imported to the continent in the 16th century, Florida Crackers are small, horned breed that quickly adapted to the Florida landscape and have long been prized for their resistance to parasites and other hardy traits. They come in many colors, and both males and females are horned. 



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