Cavalier Tribute

By Ramon Planas



Freehand with Cavalier shape hand carved without any lathe.  Natural colored, only carnauba wax and beeswax polished. Beautiful bird eyes in both sides.

High tobacco capacity for large and peaceful smokes. A black acrylic mouthpiece with a 7 mm teflon tenon, without any filter.

This briarwood was dug in the year 2000, in the forest hills surrounding the Mediterranean sea near Barcelona, and boiled, seasoned and dried properly.

You can see my trade mark brand: a little circle piece of “antalis” (a genus of tusk shell) and Mediterranean red coral inside, in the bowl and in the mouthpiece.

-section 2- 
Length: 170 mm
Height: 60 mm
Bowl depth: 37 mm
Bowl diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 68 gr


This pipe reminds me to…


The Cavalier shape is based on the historical Tyrolean pipe, so named for its origin in the Tyrol region ( modern day Italy, Austria, and Germany), but the pipe is of German descent.

The distinct feature of the Cavalier pipe is that its round shank extends well bellow the entirety of the bowl, eventually becoming the “foot” of the pipe. The bowl is usually the Billiard shaped, if only a bit more rounded and rests atop the shank like a rose bud on thin branch. Its draught hole is drilled all the way dawn to the end of the “foot” meaning that the draught hole stretches from the very top to the very bottom of the pipe, where it will not reach the mouth of the smoker. Not a pipe to be clenched in the mouth, the Cavalier is best smoked at home, where one can fully appreciate the nature of its design.




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