Welcome to Coral Pipes

At Coral Pipes we put in contact the best Mediterranean artisans with the world so everybody can enjoy their creations. We have special deals with them so the pipes you see here are not in sale anywhere else.

Because promoting yourself as an artisan is a time consuming task, we do that for them and let them focus on their passion.

As we work with artisans our stock is unpredictable. We aim to have a slow but constant flow of pipes that pass our quality controls.

Ramon Planas joined us and he was already able to sell several pipes and tampers using our platform. He is from Mataró (Barcelona, Spain) and he uses the wood he recollects himself from the mountains facing the Mediterranean, with the best conditions for the briar root to develop. He carves his pipes manually, he doesn't have a lathe, this way you can see asymmetries and ergonomic shapes all around. He doesn't use varnish neither because he likes the wood to breathe, giving you very pleasant smokes. He uses carnauba wax instead.

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The products listed here are handpicked and they always follow the following rules:

- They are unique. 

- They are handcrafted (for real!).

- They are made from the finest Mediterranean briarwood.


We are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands but we deliver worldwide!

If you have any question, send us an email: info@coral-pipes.com.

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