Feedback from clients

"Very nice pipe! The stem fits so comfortably in my teeth it's like you used my mouth to make it! The bowl fits perfectly in the hand as well. As every pipe smoker knows a pipe must fit well i the hand in order to use as a pointing device to emphasize particularly deep thoughts. :-)"
"Enjoying the first smoke now. Nice draw. Pipe is ever so slightly warm to the touch, with no hot spots. A gentle bite keeps it in place. I think I have a new favorite pipe!!!!"

Eric (Indiana, USA)


Pipe tamper from Coral Pipes

"Is this a pipe tamper or a work of art? I say it's both. Just received this tonight from @coralpipes. Thank you Joan for the great service."

James (California, USA)


"I would like to say that the pipe works very well. I love her irregular "root shape". She gives me a long happy smoking with a singular sweet taste that I like so much!"

Alessio (Italy)


"It smokes very nice and is a nice pipe in the hand."

Alan (Texas, USA)


Just got my tamper in the mail. Amazing quality and workmanship! 

Jeremy (Chicago, IL, USA)