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Why smoke a tobacco pipe

Why smoke a tobacco pipe

There are easier ways to smoke tobacco than with a pipe. You can pack the leaf loosely in the bowl making it burn so hot and fast you scorch your tongue, or you could pack it so densely that you can barely draw smoke through it. 

However, if you do take the time to pack and light a tobacco pipe correctly, you can expect the following benefits.


Better Company

Who Smokes Pipes?

  • Geniuses
  • Outdoorsmen
  • Gandalf 


A More Pleasing Aroma to You and Others

Cigarette smokers are being pushed into smaller and smaller zones of society. They’ve been kicked out of restaurants and bars, forbidden from movie theaters, and banned from public parks. Aside from the health factors, a discussion we will leave to doctors, cigarettes stink enough to be the deal-breaker in some relationships. However, if your relationship ends over a tobacco pipe, she never wanted you to be happy anyway, and you’re better off.



Many people love the smell of a pipe smoke. Once you open a can of pipe tobacco, and see ribbons of black and gold leaves, or reddish brown shreds, and breathe in the sweet and earthy smell, you’ll know why.


Improved Location

Smoking a pipe takes time. Some people may be content to duck behind a restaurant to burn a butt next to the greasy dumpster, but that won’t do for a pipe. You’ll want somewhere you can be for a while, like outside with your friends or your favorite book, or getting to know your local tobacconist.



It makes the perfect companion with a great book. The aroma naturally lends itself to the imagination, and the nicotine has a tremendous talent for clearing the fog out of the head. It will be far less distracting than trying to read with a cellphone in one hand, or with an open laptop in front of you. If you’re in the habit of telling yourself you’re going to get off YouTube and read more, a good pipe may be the exact treat you need to motivate yourself to do so.


In Conclusion…

Smoking a pipe offers you a chance to make friends at tobacconist shops, or get outside, but either way you get to slow down your life and think. It takes patience to get the maximum enjoyment out of it, but once you do you’ll discover a smoke unlike any other.


About the author

Tom Z. Spencer is a pipe smoker, copywriter, journalist, and playwright.


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