Welcome to the Tobacco Pipe Community

The place to share, read and enjoy our experiences with tobacco pipe smoking.

We are a small group of people sharing our thoughts and experiences in everything tobacco pipe related. The goal is to have a common place where anyone can contribute to. You don't need to be a professional writer or have a lot of experience, just having the will to put down in words why do you smoke with a pipe, what were the main challenges when you started or what are your favourite shapes is enough to start being part of this community.


We want people to speak from their hearts, with passion. We want a place were we all can come for a nice Sunday read, while enjoying our favourite pipe. Reading experiences from others that make you remember your own experiences.

This is no place for hate, disrespect and intolerance. We believe that there is already too much of them out there. This is the place for lifestyle, friendship and comradeship. The goals is to make people enjoy a passion and let everybody share it.

If you want to be part of this blogging community contact us at and start writing!.

If you just want to have a good time reading, welcome to the community. We hope you will feel comfortable, relax and have a good time.


The Tobacco Pipe Community


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