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We choose our pipe, carefully select our tobacco, settle into our favourite chair and introduce the flame to the leaf. But it's more than just this. There are many different reasons people enjoy pipe smoking, but have you ever thought of how or why this culture has found its way into your life? For many it is a time to contemplate, reflect, forget the day’s worries or maybe just holding your favorite piece of briar brings a welcomed ease.

One of pipe smoking’s most alluring attributes is how it provides us with calming comfort and offers a temporary detachment from our busy lives. Pipe smoking can bring people together, create bonds and foster long lasting friendships. Conversely, it can be a solitary ritual, enabling us to get to know ourselves and explore who we are. Although pipe culture is not as popular as it once was the fact remains those who enjoy it do so for many different and personal reasons.


Little Owl pipe by Coral Pipes


Pipe smoking spans the world over and reaches across all cultures, attached to it is a fascinating history that should certainly be explored. Pipes have been present in a myriad of situations throughout history, from the making of difficult decisions, finding solutions to a problem, moments of creativity and discovery, during celebration and darkness of sorrow. The pipe proves to be the friend of the lonely soul, and the common thread between friends.

We cannot forget what we put in the pipe however. With such a variety of tobacco to experience the seasoned smoker and the eager beginner can be assured of a wonderful rewarding journey. Certain tobaccos invoke certain moods. Maybe a particular blend brings us back to childhood, reminding us of grandfathers and fathers in a time past, or perhaps you have found a blend that is a fitting finishing to a delicious hearty meal.


Little Owl pipe by Coral Pipes


Finding these types of tobaccos that appeal to our taste buds can certainly seem like a formidable task, but this search is one of the most exciting parts of the timeless art of pipe smoking.

So be sure next time you kick back to enjoy this wonderful, fulfilling pipe culture take a moment to reflect and share with us your story, we’d love to hear it!


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My Name is Anthony Skubis, I am 37 years old and I live in Buffalo, N.Y,. I am an illustrator, and avid reader of classical literature. I have been a pipe smoker for 11 years….and I love Latakia !!!!

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